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National symbols of the of Armenia

Flag of Armenia is tricolor and is represented by three colors of red, blue and orange, spaced in a horizontal position. Each color has its own meaning, namely, the red symbolizes the Armenian Highland, the A unceasing struggle of Armenians for survival, their deep faith and independence of their country. Blue - symbolizes the peacefulness and desire to live under a cloudless sky, while orange is a symbol of creativity and studiousness of the Armenian nation.

Coat of arms:
Coat of arms of Armenia, being amongst the most important state symbols, has at the central position of a shield with the image of the Mount Ararat, where Noah's Ark is also shown, and the coats of arms of the historical kingdoms of Armenian, Bagratuni, Arshakids, Artashesids and Rubenids. Shield with the different parties supported by eagle and lion. Color of historical kingdoms  of Armenia is golden, which formed the basis of color of the emblem.

Anthem of the nation is represented by music, "My Motherland", the author of the text of which is Mikael Nalbandian and music by Barsegh Kanachyan.

Geographical data.

The country is placed  in the southern Caucasus, has frontiers with Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey is the western neighbor. Today Armenia occupies an area of 29 800 km2 and is disposed at an altitude of 1000 m to 2500 m. The highest point - Mount Aragats, of 4,090 meters and the lowest point at 400 meters is the Debit River Gorge.
In the capital, Yerevan, consequently of the latest census lives of 1.1 million people, while the country's population is approximately 3.1 million.

The climatic conditions

In Armenia is a continental climate, with fairly hot summers, with an average temperature of 25 ° C - + 36 ° C and cold winters, although it should be mentioned that most period of the year dominated by sunny days. High mountain regions, even throughout the summer have snow-covered mountain peaks and slopes are covered with alpine meadows. The preferred time to visit Armenia is always recommended in spring and autumn.

System of Banks of Armenia is formed of 21 banks of commercial structure controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia. On working days they are open from 10.00 to 16.00 and on Saturday and from 10.00 to 13.00. On any of the central avenues and streets you can find ATMs.
The national currency is Dram, which entered. Approximate exchange rate is:
1 USD = 415AMD
1EUR = 535AMD
1RUB = 13.35AMD
1 GBP = 625AMD
For more precise information regarding the currency you can check the webpage of the Central Bank of Armenia.


The Armenian language is the official one and refers to the Indo-European group, in the presence of the alphabet, which is radically different from all known. In addition to the Armenian, on street signs can be seen with Latin inscriptions.


Christianity adopted by country as early as the year 301, is the most important aspect of the life of the Armenians, as has deep roots, is closely interwoven with the historical landmarks of the country.
The vast majority are committed to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

The area code for international calls to Armenia 374, and in particular for the Yerevan 10.

The time difference is +4 hours (GMT + 4).

Means of public transport

Public transport in Armenia, represented by the following species:

Single-line metro station in Yerevan, with a length of 10 stations, the fare - 100 drams, or about $ 0.25


Bus lines, routes of which runs virtually to all destinations, with a similar value of the fare is 100 AMD.

Very efficient is the service of taxi-microbuses and are also functioning in all directions.

Numerous agencies of taxi service, where can be ordered the service by phone, provide you with timely delivery to any destination at a fixed tariff. But you can catch a taxi on the streets, and the price is negotiable.


Visa is possible to get in "Zvartnots" airport, on arrival and a standard procedure takes 20-25 minutes. Cost is determined according to the number of days of stay varies from 3,000 drams for 21-days of stay. If necessary, the visa can be renewed.

There is also the possibility of obtaining a visa through the Internet, in which payment must be done only by a credit card