1-bedroom apartment, Buzand 95 str 12 fl.

2-х комнатная квартира.ул Бюзанда 95 12 эт.

Spacious, overhauled and with modern design apartment for rent is located on the 12th floor of 16-storey buildings in the central part of Yerevan. Like most offered by us apartments in Yerevan, also this flat has the great advantages, as, for instance, the close proximity of the many necessary and useful structures like banks, post office, a number of large supermarkets, as well as a very interesting and popular city market Vernissage. Here you can buy a variety of old utensils or silverware made by local craftsmen, purchase a souvenirs of a pleasant trip, such as the original Armenian duduk, and fans of national art - daggers, icons and carpets. The apartment is well planned and provides full comfort and coziness, there is central heating. In the open balcony you can always relax and enjoy the scenery of the city. The apartment is also available for daily rental. At your disposal a small kitchen, where you will find a stove, microwave and more to prepare a delicious meal.

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