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Armenia is a country of inexhaustible interest in terms of tourism. It should be noted that it is mostly mountainous country, characterized by high mountain ranges of the Caucasus. The most famous and recognizable is the great Mount Ararat, which is the main symbol of Armenia, the iconic profile of which is applied almost everywhere on T-shirts, bottles, boxes of chocolates, and more. Although today the mountain itself  is placed on the Turkish territory, its snow-capped peaks are visible from anywhere in Yerevan.
Volcanic arrays dot the landscape of Armenia, among which also mislaid plains and lakes, include Sevan which is the second geographic symbol of Armenia after Ararat.
Because of its special geographical position, Armenia is heavily exposed to seismic risks.

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Armenian culture, formed over many centuries under the influence of different countries to this day retains its own characteristics and unique elements. These features and the differences can be seen everywhere in the architecture and sculpture, as well as in the Armenian language. Architecture evolving for centuries, passed its own unique path and colorfully demonstrated in numerous religious monuments of antiquity.
These buildings, by principles and decorations of sanctuaries affect nu their charm. But as long before the Christian period, evidence of original art and architecture in Armenia have been identified in the pagan period. At present, the only survived example is a temple of Garni dedicated to the goddess Anahit.