Ереван - новая столица всемирного ежегодного съезда ювелиров 2016 CIBJO

Yerevan is the new capital of world known annual congress of jewelers CIBJO 2016

This World Jeweler Confederation was founded in 1926 in Paris with the mission of the presentation and promotion of the jewelry industry in Europe. Originally formed as a BIBOA, then in 1961 it was reorganized into the CIBJO and received wider development with foundation of a system of Blue Book, in order to promote universal standards and terminology in jewelry. Initially, the book was published with covers of different colors, depending on the content, so, for example, gray color used for diamonds, green - for pearls and so on, but now it is in the form of a Blue Book, and includes also the precious metals and laboratory information of precious stones.

At the last formal session of the 2015 CIBJO, held in Salvador, in Brazil, it was decided to hold the next CIBJO Congress in 2016 in Yerevan, Armenia, which was gladly welcomed and approved by the Armenian government and the Armenian Jewelers Association.

Yerevan is an ancient city, which is located near the famous Mount Ararat, which tops are covered with eternal snow, and provides a completely extraordinary landscapes. The first building of Yerevan dates back to 2800 BC. But today, the city contains a mix of architectural styles, from ancient fortresses to Spartan heritage of the Soviet era. Visitors of the city during the CIBJO Congress will have a lot of interesting opportunities to visit museums and historical monuments where they will appreciate the great cultural heritage of the nation.
So, you cannot miss the chance to visit Matenadaran, where stored more than 17,000 priceless manuscripts, thousands of years old. Here you can learn the history of the country of the era when it was still called the state of Urartu.

At the Congress in 2016 will gather more than a thousand jewelers from more than 40 different countries.
The fact that it was Yerevan choose as a venue of the congress, said that the country's jewelry industry has not a small weight on the international level. In addition to the main works of the Congress, there will be organized various seminars, mining and processing of precious metals, as well as field marketing.

Armenia is a very hospitable country, and despite the fact that for many foreigners is still less known, it should be noted that the level of security in Armenia is quite high. As noted in many reviews of tourists visited the country, Yerevan is a city where you can walk calmly through the streets day and night, especially during the warm season, when the streets are full of welcoming residents and tourists. On the streets, for security and traffic control can be seen police officers. Overall, a pleasant climate, beauty and originality of the urban composition and the warmth of the local population create a sense of calm and confidence that you are always welcome in this beautiful country.


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